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Jill Shields is a New York and Miami-based interior designer and has been decorating interiors for over 20 years. Her design philosophy is that each interior is a blank canvas that tells a story; these are stories that project warmth & security, showcase special objects acquired, and reflects an atmosphere fitting one’s personality, lifestyle and personal taste.

Jill fosters the connection between herself and each Client, striking a perfect harmonious balance. She has the talent of creating an environment suited to each Client’s specific needs so that each finished project is unique.

Jill was graduated from New York University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Arts Professions. As an undergraduate, she learned about technique, line, color and form as well as a variety of aesthetic values. Her education in the arts continued at Columbia University where she earned her Master of Arts (MA). She takes a special delight in transforming a three dimensional field into an organic, living work of art, using all of the principles learned in school and her experience with dozens of projects over the ensuing years.

Jill’s affinity for design began in childhood; her mother has been a decorator for the past 45 years so it was a natural progression that she followed in her footsteps.

Never one to impose her own ideas, Jill prefers to take her Client’s initial spark of an idea and bring it to life in a beautiful living or working space. With the rare ability to truly listen to her Clients’ vision, Jill understands and transforms ideas into a completed project that fulfills all pre-determined requirements – aesthetic and practical while adhering to budget.

Jill has a large team of talented artisans and craftsman who are efficient, reliable, and capable of following direction intelligently. Having assembled this Team of highly qualified professionals over the years, Clients can rest assured their projects are going to be finished on time and with picture-perfect results, just as envisioned in the planning stage. Expert workers combined with an extensive database of materials and suppliers ensure that Jill can produce items quickly, efficiently and at the best prices. With her far-reaching range, Jill has designed everything from single rooms to large homes. She can begin with architectural plans and work through every phase of design, build the home, find and install the furniture and add all of the personal touches to make the perfect space.

Easy to work with and possessing an abundance of talent and integrity, Jill is focused on completing projects and concerned that all involved are satisfied and pleased to have been a part of the endeavor.

In choosing Jill Shields, you get a team of talented, hard working individuals who will only be happy with the best results.